Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi


Think of me a black monster
Tiptoeing at dead of night
Hiding from eyes to eyes

I am a crystal-colored worm
Floating at the water
Feeling sound and safe

A little flea
Running to and fro beneath cat’s furs
Seeking a hidden nest to settle

An earthworm
Who digs and digs
To stay safe underneath the land

Think of me a baron caterpillar
Sticking into the leaf
Trying to conceal

A seahorse
Staying near the anemons

I am, a chameleon
Turning green at an olive tree
Wishing to be unnoticed

Like a tear, a dew, a drop of sweat
Falling into a waterdump
Sinking, blending, to go unseen

January 2016
Gotye – “Heart A Mess”


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