English Short Stories, Lits/Sastra

To this point of understanding

It is  sad when someone thinks that I and (s)he are competing. The thing is I am not interested in competing with anyone. I don’t care if people are better than me. I don’t get hurt either when they are. No, this life is not a school. No more. We just make our self bitter when we’re competing. We’ll get hurt when someone is better/has more than us. It makes me sad when any person I know thinks that I’m competing with her/him. No, dear. I’m not up for competition. You want to think that you’re better? Oh, go ahead. I won’t care.

Raged by anger and disappointment, she is typing it into her micro blogging site and wishing someone will read it. She hates what someone has just done to her.  She just can’t take it anymore. It is just illogical for her that someone who is a lot older, more experienced, and wealthier than her will think that she is competing. She just thinks that she wants to do her responsibility. She just wants to do what she has to do. Why there should be this kind of person (she thought)  that assumes she is competing.

It is time to click the “publish” button, but she seems to retreat. She is clearly in doubt, and immediately sighs. She closes her eyes and is now taking a deep breath. Then she just deletes everything and throws her smartphone away.

She thinks it is just no use to reveal. It is just no use. And she hates it that she is always to be the one who comes to this point of understanding. She hates it.

A prompt to daily post: understanding.


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