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A Mind Healing

One of my most recent amateur work in watercolor painting.

 My most recent amateur watercolor work

They say painting is an art. To me, it is a mind healing. It is some kind of luxury for me. I’m surely not a pro. But I took painting personally. Cause it works giving me some kind of mental/mind recovery most of the times. Like reading or writing, it is like a short escape from a not-so-yummy reality or just a bunch of jumbles in mind. We know that sometimes life scatters parts of ourselves. Through painting, I collect all of those pieces and it reproduces the new energy in me. And strangely through every scratch of my brush, I let go. Maybe it is why I paint more often when I am sad or in a very low mood. Some say we become more productive when we’re sad. And I agree on that point.

It’s been a while now. I wish I could paint every day in my life. Maybe, someday…


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