Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi


Lonely street
Curious passer-by
Unknown end of a tunnel
Searching eyes
Oasis too strange
F antasy too odd
Endless daydream
Secret unshared
Seclusive sanity
Comforting silence
Intentional insomnia
Fat on a diet
Resurrected hope
Unclear explanation
Unwritten destinyr
Half empty too full
Boundless possibility
Countless count
A semicolon;


So much for positivity? Not yet

One of those mornings, I remember a toll booth attendant offered me help in tapping my e-pass. And, he said it with a very enthusiastic tone. A genuine one. I told him I could handle it myself, and still got another enthusiastic response from him. Somehow by his voice, even though I could barely see his face as my car is quite low, I could tell that he was smiling wide. Before leaving, I told him, “Mari, pak” (It’s a polite see-you or goodbye remark for Javanese/Indonesian). Then, he replied me with the same words, still enthusiastically.

You know what, it made me happy somehow. I don’t know how. And I don’t care about any logical explanation for it. Happy people indeed give us glimpse of their happiness. Their positive aura is just contagious.

It made me think somehow, that how we all people really depend on each other to have a genuinely positive vibe.

Say, there are three people in a small room. One of them keeps complaining, or perhaps, simply just frowning the entire time. Don’t you think the other two will get “infected”? Just figure it out: the frown, the complaints, the dread, the angst, etc. Isn’t it bad even just imagining it? The atmosphere in the room will get contaminated–oh, I rephrase it, will get screwed. Now imagine the otherwise, if one of them is a happy kind. The smile, the laughter, the silly singing or humming will surely give the other room occupants a nice vibe.

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not that we can’t be sad, angry or whatever it is. Ef yeah, it’s normal and humane. Even though, it’s pretty bias that this post is coming out from someone who loves writing dark poems and stories. Lol. What I meant to say is that we can see how both energies are easily affecting other people. Yet we can control it. How far it should show through, or when is the right time to let it out. I just think, the option is really up ours on which energy to spread, isn’t it?

Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi

The Unavoidable (So tell me)

Tell me it is not only me
That sometimes life is too much
That it only feels like a stack of must-do’s
A long list of unavoidable demands and orders

Is it only me?
That time seems passing in a way too fast
That it’s more like running with thousands of wild buffalos
That you’re forced to keep going fast, or left dying

Isn’t adulting a thing overrated?
That people push you too hard with their expectation and judgment
That it overwhelms you, as it kills you most of the time

Sometimes you wish
That you had that pause button
That you could press it
So you could take a break

Or, you had that power to go invisible
That you could just disappear
So you would just sit there watching
And free to do nothing

So tell me, or it is only me