Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi

Too Naïve

Like, a baby bear gets in the bees hive
to get some honey,
A cat is playing with
a moving tail of a python,
And, a dog is trying
to catch a lost porcupine

Sometimes we just don’t have idea
For thing we love or we love to do,
For what will come, and what may harm.

Like someone loves too much
Too naïve, to think the heart is made of stone.


September 17, 2016 – A response to daily post, here and now.

Photos, Poems/Puisi

Hide and Seek

I miss those trees standing in line making a majestic row. That dance and sigh when the wind blows. I miss those thin weather that bites my skin and through my bone. When my nose hurts cause it is just too cold to breathe. I miss to see the fog. That blurs the sight of the mountain. And creates the most mysterious field of vision. I miss those empty narrow streets that veer as if trying to run, and tell me “So, let’s play hide and seek!”.

A response to a weekly photo challenge: narrow.
I took these pictures in Darajat Pass, Garut, West Java, ID by the beginning of the year 2015. 

Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi


Think of me a black monster
Tiptoeing at dead of night
Hiding from eyes to eyes

I am a crystal-colored worm
Floating at the water
Feeling sound and safe

A little flea
Running to and fro beneath cat’s furs
Seeking a hidden nest to settle

An earthworm
Who digs and digs
To stay safe underneath the land

Think of me a baron caterpillar
Sticking into the leaf
Trying to conceal

A seahorse
Staying near the anemons

I am, a chameleon
Turning green at an olive tree
Wishing to be unnoticed

Like a tear, a dew, a drop of sweat
Falling into a waterdump
Sinking, blending, to go unseen

January 2016
Gotye – “Heart A Mess”

Lits/Sastra, Poems/Puisi


Life is in the morning you wake up
You’re lying there and thinking
About getting up right away
or hanging on for another five minutes or ten
And you’re done taking shower
You’re standing there
in front of your closet and thinking
About which clothes you’re going to wear
About which jeans best matched
a nice blue shirt you just pick out
About which bag and which shoes
to suit the outfit you have taken

Life is also when you’re ready
And you’re still standing there and thinking
About having your breakfast now
or later in the office
Then you check your watch
And it’s too late for breakfast and
off you go and still thinking
About driving your own car
or taking public transportations
And, about which one would take you faster
A bus or a train

Life is also when you’re sitting there
on a bus you finally take
You’re turning on your music player and thinking
About which song you would love to hear
And you’re listening to the song you select
And still thinking
About what menu you will have for lunch
A Western, or Asian
A Middle-Eastern, or Else

And on and on and on

Then you’re lying there in your bed at night
and still thinking
About what to do tomorrow
About whom you will go with
Emma, or Jessy
Ali, or Jose
To which cafe, or mall
or to never mind all of the plans
and just stay at home

Cause life is always about the choices you take
The choices after every choice made
It always gives you options
and never stops

Jakarta, February 2015