Glimpse of Central Java

“There are all these moments you think you won’t survive. And then you survive.”
David Levithan

These rough images were taken straight from a moving train in between my trip from Semarang, ID, circa 2013. It was somewhere over the subs area of Central Java. A lonely ground with surviving trees surrounding. The images gave me this sense of resilience with its own oddity. Indefinite.

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Instant Frontier: Book, the Weapon


To introverts, places may seem strange and may lead to insecurity. But, the thing is we, introverts, are really good at creating an inner circle that provides us with boundary. It is a kind of ‘self-protection’ from unfamiliar things (or people). It makes us feel safe. Any where, we build this invisible space that separates us from the outside world. It forms a kind of ‘local‘ that detaches ‘the inhabitant’ from those present outside this designed space. And, in that special zone, we can do things giving us comfort. In my case, one of those things is reading books. In public transports, in hospital waiting room, while queuing at bank, while eating alone, in toilet, any where, book is a media that gives us a celestial instant frontier.

In this post, I compiled some pictures of books I read (physical or electronic) over time across many different places. Books are my weapon.

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A Mind Healing

One of my most recent amateur work in watercolor painting.

 My most recent amateur watercolor work

They say painting is an art. To me, it is a mind healing. It is some kind of luxury for me. I’m surely not a pro. But I took painting personally. Cause it works giving me some kind of mental/mind recovery most of the times. Like reading or writing, it is like a short escape from a not-so-yummy reality or just a bunch of jumbles in mind. We know that sometimes life scatters parts of ourselves. Through painting, I collect all of those pieces and it reproduces the new energy in me. And strangely through every scratch of my brush, I let go. Maybe it is why I paint more often when I am sad or in a very low mood. Some say we become more productive when we’re sad. And I agree on that point.

It’s been a while now. I wish I could paint every day in my life. Maybe, someday…

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Hide and Seek

I miss those trees standing in line making a majestic row. That dance and sigh when the wind blows. I miss those thin weather that bites my skin and through my bone. When my nose hurts cause it is just too cold to breathe. I miss to see the fog. That blurs the sight of the mountain. And creates the most mysterious field of vision. I miss those empty narrow streets that veer as if trying to run, and tell me “So, let’s play hide and seek!”.

A response to a weekly photo challenge: narrow.
I took these pictures in Darajat Pass, Garut, West Java, ID by the beginning of the year 2015.